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BNPJD101   1 lb. Bean Pebble-Jade
BEANPEBBLERED   1 lb. Bean Pebble-Red
BEANPEBBLESOFTGREEN   1 lb. Bean Pebble-Soft Green
BNPWD101   1 lb. Bean Pebble-Wood Stone
PINKURCHIN   1.5-2" Pink Sea Urchin Shell
PURPLEURCHIN   1.5-2.5" Purple Sea Urchin Shell
SCTP101   10 Pack Assorted Succulent Cuttings
IONANTHA10PK   10 pack Assorted Tillandsia Ionantha FREE SHIPPING
10PKIONGUATEMALA   10 Pack Large Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala
10PKLGSCPOSA   10 Pack Large Tillandsia Ionantha Scaposa Only $0.89 each. Wholesale Air Plants
CAPUTMEDUSAEWHLSL   10 Pack Mini Tillandsia Caput Medusae Wholesale Tillandsia
BRACHYCAULOSMULTIFLORA10PK   10 Pack Tillandsia Brachycaulos Multiflora
XLBUTZIIWHLSL   10 Pack Tillandsia Butzii
10CAPUTMEDWHLSL   10 Pack Tillandsia Caput Medusae 3.5"-4"
10fuchsiiwhlsl   10 Pack Tillandsia Fuchsii v Gracilis
10PKJUNCERG   10 Pack Tillandsia Juncea Red-Green Wholesale Air Plants
10PKJUNCEA   10 Pack Tillandsia Juncea Wholesale Air Plants
WHOLESALETRICOLOR   10 Pack Wholesale Large Tillandsia Tricolor Melan
WHOLESALESTREPTOPHYLLA   10 Pack Wholesale Tillandsia Streptophylla Guatemala
11.5ORBHANGER   11.5" Hanger for Glass Plant Orbs/Terrariums
14HANGER   14" Hanger for Glass Plant Orbs/Terrariums
customorb   140 3.5" orb and shipping 52 2" or and shipping
CUSTOMRUBRA   150 mini ion rubra for Staphanie
SSB101   1Lb Succulent Soil Blend
BSUF101   1LB Ultra Fine Beach Sand
LITHSOIL101   1Lb. Lithops Soil Blend
BROMFERT101   2 Ounce Air Plant-Bromeliad Fertilizer
SUCCULENTTERRTD725   2 Pack Succulent Terrariums-Lg Tear Drop
SUCCULENTTERRTD55   2 Pack Succulent Terrariums-Sm Tear Drop Terrariums W/ Plants
BASKETWHANDLE   2" Basket Basket w/ Handle Perfect for Air Plants
PEARLIZEDGOLDMOUTH   2" Pearlized Goldmouth Turbo Shells Perfect for Mounting Tillandsia
PLANTBASKETWPLANTS   2" Plant Basket Basket w/ Handle 3 Air Plants Included
TAPESTRYTURBAN   2" Tapestry Turban Shells Perfect for Mounting Tillandsia
TAPESTRYTURBOBANDED   2.5"+ Tapestry Turbo Banded
custom25   25 orbs with white lichen and tillandsia ionantha
SUCFERT101   2oz. Slow release fertilizer for Succulents, Cacti and Cryptanthus
3.5ORB3PK   3 PACK 3.5" Glass Plant Orb/Terrarium
3PKURCHINKIT   3 Pack Air Plant and Pink Urchin Kit FREE SHIPPING
3PKUSA   3 Pack Medium Tillandsia-Premium Air Plant Assortment FREE SHIPPING
ORB355   3 Pack-5.5" Glass Plant Orb/Terrarium
ORB345   3 Pack4.5" Glass Plant Orb/Terrarium.
FOXSHELL   3" Fox Shell-Fascialoria Trapezium
SPUTNIKPURPLE   3" Purple Sputnik Sea Urchin Shell
TRICOLORMUREX   3"-4" Tricolor Murex Shells
3.5ORB   3.5" Glass Plant Orb/Terrarium
NAUTILUS   3.5-4" Nautilus Shell
lithops4pack   4 Pack Assorted Lithops FREE SHIPPING
4MOSSBALL   4" Moss Ball Hanging Planter With Chain
VINEYARDROUND4   4" Moss Basket With Wicker Rim
4AQUAREBASKETMOSSRIM   4" Square Wicker Basket With Moss Rim
4WOODSTAND   4" Wooden Stand Perfect for Plants
ORB145   4.5" Glass Plant Orb/Terrarium.
ORB45WPLANTS   4.5" Glass Plant Orb/Terrarium Kit w/ Air Plants and Spanish Moss
4.5RBORB   4.5" Glass Plant Orb/Terrarium Round Bottom
ORBDH45   4.5" Round Globe Plant Orb/Terrarium Double Hook
ASSTTILLY5   5 Pack Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants
5PKMINIBAYSTAR   5 Pack Mini Bay Starfish-FREE Shipping
BULBG5PK   5 Pack Sale Tillandsia Bulbosa Guatemala
FUCHSII5PACK   5 Pack Tillandsia Fuchsii v Gracilis
5WHORB   5" Glass Wall Hanging Plant Orb/Terrarium
5MOSSBASKETROUND   5" Moss Basket With Wicker Rim
5STEMMEDORB   5" Stemmed Orb/Plant Terrarium
5.5ORB   5.5" Glass Plant Orb/Terrarium
ORBTD55   5.5" Glass Tear Drop Plant Orb/Terrarium
IONWHLSL   50 Assorted Ionantha Wholesale
MINGASIS   50% OFF Ming Thing Cactus Cereus Forebesii Monstrose SALE As Is
LITHSOIL5   5Lb. Lithops Soil Blend
SSB105   5Lb. Succulent Soil Blend
6PKASSORTED36   6 Pack Assorted Tillandsia Medium Size
6PKMINIORB   6 Pack Mini 2" Glass Plant Orb/Terrariums with Air Plants
PINKDELPHINULA6PK   6 Pack Pink Delphinula Shell 1"-2"
6ORB   6" Glass Plant Orb/Terrarium
ORB6WPLANTS   6" Glass Plant Orb/Terrarium Kit w/ Air Plants and Spanish Moss
6WHORB   6" Glass Wall Hanging Plant Orb/Terrarium
6UFOORB   6" Hanging Glass UFO Capsule Plant Orb/Terrarium
BROMELIADMOSSBALLKIT   6" Moss Ball Hanging Planter Bromeliad Kit With Chain and Live Bromeliads FREE SHIPPING
6STEMMEDORB   6" Stemmed Orb/Plant Terrarium
MUREXRAMOSA   6"-8" Murex Ramosa Shell Great for Mounting Tillandsia
6PKMINI   6-Pack Mini Tillandsia
6.5ORBNH   6.5" Glass Bubble Plant Orb/Terrarium
LGRUBRAASIS   67% OFF 6 Pack Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra Large Form SALE As Is
7WHORB   7" Glass Wall Hanging Plant Orb/Terrarium
7RDORB   7" Raindrop Plant Orb/Terrarium Double Hook
7STEMMEDORB   7.5" Stemmed Orb/Plant Terrarium
4PKGUATASIS   75% OFF 4 Pack XL Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala SALE As Is
LGPSEUDOASIS   75% OFF Large Tillandsia Pseudobaileyi SALE As Is
XLCAPITATAASIS   75% OFF XL Tillandsia Capitata Peach SALE As Is
8CAPSULEORB   8" Glass Capsule Plant Orb/Terrarium
8HANGER   8" Hanger for Glass Plant Orbs/Terrariums
RAINDROPORB8   8" Raindrop Plant Orb/Terrarium
9.5GEOMETRICPYRAMID   9.5" Geometric Glass Plant Terrarium-Pyramid FREE Shipping
90whlslCC   90 pack for Christine Chow Wholesale
AdromischusAlstonii   Adromischus Alstonii
ADROMISCHUSOVIFORME   Adromischus Oviforme Cluster
AEONIUMBRONZEMED   Aeonium Bronze Medal
AEONIUMDOMESTICUMVAR   Aeonium Domesticum Variegata
AEONIUMKIWI   Aeonium Kiwi-Aeonium Decorum Variegata
AEONIUMSUNBURST   Aeonium Sunburst
AGAVEPORCUPINE   Agave Reginae-Victoriae 'Porcupine'
BARNACLEKIT   Air Plant and Purple Barnacle Kit FREE SHIPPING
HPT101   Air Plant Kit 5.5" Hanging glass orb with airplant and lichen
MINIWHOLE   Air Plant Pack Wholesale for Emma 8/30/2017
ALOECORALFIRE   Aloe "Coral Fire"
ALOEFIREBIRD   Aloe "Firebird" Cluster
ALOEPICKLEDPINK   Aloe "Pickled Pink"
ALOESNOWSTORM   Aloe "Snow Storm" Cluster
ALOEBLIZZARD   Aloe Blizzard
ALOEDESCOINGSIIX   Aloe Descoingsii x Haworthioides
ALOEVERALG   Aloe Vera-Aloe Barbadensis
ANDHOGP   Aloe x Humilis 'ANDHOGP' Spineless Hedgehog
ALOINOPSISSCHOOESII   Aloinopsis Schoonesii Cluster
ALOINOPSISSETIFERA   Aloinopsis Setifera
ANACAMPSEROSSUNRISECL   Anacampseros "Sunrise" Small Cluster-Anacampseros Telephiastrum Variegata
ANARU101   Anacampseros Rufescens
BABYNECKLACE   Baby Necklace Succulent-Crassula Marnieriana x Perforata
BABYRITA   Baby Rita Prickly Pear Cactus-Opuntia Hybrid Baby Rita
BSR101   Baby Sun Rose Succulent Cutting
BABYSUNROSE   Baby Sunrose Succulent-Aptenia Cordifolia
BALLOONCACTUS   Balloon Cactus-Notocactus Magnificus
COTBC101   Bear Claws Succulent-Cotyledon Tomentosa
BLKTUXEDOURCHIN   Black Tuxedo Urchin-Rare
BLUECANDLE   Blue Candle Cactus-Myrtillocactus Geometrizans
BCS101   Blue Chalk Sticks Cutting-Senecio Mandraliscae
BLUECHALKSM   Blue Chalk Sticks-Senecio Mandraliscae
BLUESTONE   Blue Stonecrop Cluster-Sedum Reflexum
ECHFO42   Blue Woolly Rose-Echeveria FO-42
CHEIRIDOPSISCANDIDISSIMA   Cheiridopsis Candidissima
COCOONPLANT   Cocoon Succulent Cluster-Senecio Haworthii
COPPERKING   Copper King Cactus-Mammillaria Elongata cv "Copper King"
CRASTTH101   Crassula "Tom Thumb"-Crassula Rupestris x Marnieriana
CALICOKITTEN   Crassula Calico Kitten- Crassula Marginalis Rubra Variegata
CRASSULACONGESTA   Crassula Congesta Cluster
CRASSULADEVILSHORNS   Crassula Devil's Horns-Crassula Hirta
CRASSULADEVILSTONGUE   Crassula Devil's Tongue Small Cluster-Crasula Nudicaulis v Platyphylla.
CRASSULADUBIA   Crassula Dubia
CRASULAMESEMB   Crassula Mesembryanthemoides
MINIPINETREE   Crassula Mini Pine Tree-Crassula Teragona
CRASSULARUPESTRISCL   Crassula Rupestris Cluster
CRASSULASPRINGTIME   Crassula Springtime Cluster
CREMNOSEDUMCROCODILE   Cremnosedum "Crocodile"
CREMNOSEDUMLITTLEGEM   Cremnosedum Little Gem Cluster
CRESTEDCORALCACTUS   Crested Coral Cactus-Trichocereus Huascha Cristata
COMPACTJADE   Crosby's Compact Jade-Crassula Argentea Compacta
CRYPTRR101   Cryptanthus Bivittatus Ruby Red
CRYPTANTHUSBLKMYSTIC   Cryptanthus Black Mystic
Custommike   Custom 10pk and funkiana for Mike
CSTM   Custom Pack
CUSTOMJEN   Custom Pack for Jen 8/23/2017
SARAHCUSTOM   Custom Pack for Sarah
50PKSS   Custom Pack for Sharon Samuelson
CUSTOMIONURCHIN   Custom Pack Ions and Urchins
CustomK   Custom plant pack for Karmen
CYMATIUMPERYII   Cymatium Peryii Shell
DEVILSTONGUEBC   Devil's Tongue Barrel Cactus Ferocactus Latispinus
DOMINO   Domino Cactus-Echinopsis Dominos
DONKEYTAILCL   Donkey Tail Cluster-Sedum Morganianum Hybrid
DURATIITHICK   Duratii Thick Leaf
DYCKIAPALERYDER   Dyckia 'Pale Ryder'
ECHEVERIAAZULITA   Echeveria "Azulita"
ECHEVERIAPAINTEDLADY   Echeveria 'Painted Lady'
ECHEVERIAALLEGRA   Echeveria Allegra
ECHEVERIACHROMA   Echeveria Chroma
ECHCUBICFROST   Echeveria Cubic Frost
ECHCULIBRA   Echeveria Culibra 4" Pot
ECHEVERIADERENBERGII   Echeveria Derenbergii
ECHDONDO   Echeveria Dondo
ECHDORISTAYLOR   Echeveria Doris Taylor
ECHEVERIAELEGANS   Echeveria Elegans
ECHGREENGODDESS   Echeveria Green Goddess-Echeveria Haageana
ECHIRISHMINT   Echeveria Irish Mint
ECHEVERIALIMENCHILE   Echeveria Lime n' Chile
ECHLOLA   Echeveria Lola
ECHEVERIAMAZARINE   Echeveria Mazarine
ECHMELACO   Echeveria Melaco
ECHMINIMABELLA   Echeveria Minima Bella
ECHMULTICAULIS   Echeveria Multicaulis
ECHNEONBREAKERS   Echeveria Neon Breakers
ECHEVERIAPARVA   Echeveria Parva
ECHPULIDONIS   Echeveria Pulidonis
ECHEVERIAPURPUSORUM   Echeveria Purpusorum
ECHPURPUSORUMHYB   Echeveria Purpusorum Hybrid
ECHRAMILLETTE   Echeveria Ramillette
ECHTOPSYTURVY   Echeveria Runyonii "Topsy Turvy"
SETOLIVER   Echeveria Set-Oliver
ECHEVERIASTARLITE   Echeveria Starlite
ECHSUBSESSILIS   Echeveria Subsessilis
ELEPHANTBUSH   Elephant Bush Portulacaria Afra
ELKHORNS   Elk Horns-Rhombophyllum Dolabriforme
EUPHORBIABAIOENSIS   Euphorbia Baioensis
EUPHORBIACEREIFORMIS   Euphorbia Cereiformis
EUPHORBIAGREENCORAL   Euphorbia Green Coral-Euphorbia Flanaganii Cristata

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