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Vanilla Bean Orchid 20-24" with Wood Pole Vanilla Plantifolia
Vanilla Bean Orchid 20-24”

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Vanilla Bean Orchid 20-24” with wood pole Vanilla Plantifolia. Multiple vines growing in 6” pot and on wooden pole. A fun houseplant that does well in filtered light. Vines grown indoors can reach 8-10ft but can also be pruned to fit your growing area. The pruned vines can be potted and grown into new vanilla bean plants if desired. Vanilla bean orchids like warm temps 60-70F at night and 80-95F during the day. They also enjoy high humidity around 80%. To keep humidity up, mist the plant and wood pole regularly. You can also keep them in a tray or saucer with water to keep humidity high. A 1020 tray will work, or a humidity tray made for orchids will work as well. Water enough so soil is moist but not overly soggy. Acidic soil with lots of bark for drainage is best. Feed regularly in growing season before flowering. Use a diluted standard 10-10-10 fertilizer, diluted by half. Plants will bloom in spring and to produce vanilla bean pods the flowers must be fertilized by hand. Pet and child safe and can be air purifying as well.

· Safety-Pet Safe, Child Safe

· Family-Orchidaceae

· Plant Type-Vine, perennial

· Size-Vines can grow 8-10ft+

· Lighting-Partial Shade

· Water-regular watering of growing media and trellis or wood pole, regular misting and high humididty around 80%

· Soil-moist, fast draining

· Soil PH-Acidic

· Bloom-Spring

· Zone-11-12

· Ease of Care-moderate to difficult(for blooming and vanilla bean production)

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